What’s happening within the local community.

Johnshaven Village Hall

The social heart of Johnshaven

  • The Village Hall is a central place for our community. It provides two spaces, a Big one and a Small one. There is a stage and facilities for catering. It is a warm and welcoming place.
  • There is a choice of activities: clubs and events, parties, weddings…
  • You can hire out for your own activities and clubs.
Contact: Karelia Wright / Sandra Dunbar

Heritage Hub Museum

  • We are a Community Museum. of local village heritage. Industrial and fishing and everyday life dating back to 17th Century and earlier. The incoming and demise of the rail connection. Exciting and interesting events off the local coast. We help to look up family records and stories from our records. Also available for rental as a Community space. e.g. Art Exhibition, Photography Exhibition, Talks to groups, meetings, Young at Heart Group – a everyone from The Mearns is welcome to this popular club.
  • The Heritage Hub is used by our community supporters. The Benholm and Johnshaven Heritage Society began fundraising in the 1990’s and all the villagers helped to raise money to buy and convert The Old Lifeboat Shed into a Heritage Hub Museum. It collects, stores, shares stories and records of old to ensure Johnshaven family heritage is not lost forever. We welcome anyone who can share their stories, family history, photographs and memories so we can build up the 20th Century Heritage.
  • Have you any memorabilia, especially photographs, newspaper articles, reminiscences, letters, poems or songs that we can archive to ensure we can pay tribute to the families in our Archives and Museum to save for our future generations?
  • We have to fundraise in order to maintain the building costs. We are totally reliant upon income through fundraising and donations. So we have events throughout the year which are very well supported. The events for next year will be found on the door from March onwards and in our Johnshaven Heritage Hub Museum Facebook Page. (Such as Music Events, Wine tasting, Games Nights, Quizzes, Craft Fair Weekends).
  • From March to May we offer local artists an opportunity to exhibit their paintings, photographs and other media because the building is a perfect gallery.
  • From May, we create new yearly additional Exhibitions to our main one. We are open at weekends from 1pm to 4 pm. We hope to encourage new helpers who are interested in our stories to volunteer for one or two 3 hour duties per month. Please contact us if you would like to join us and you would be very welcome.
Open:  May 7th 2020 – Sept 24th 2020
Contact: Don Marr  Tel: 01561 361658

Waird’s Park

  • Given to the villagers of Johnshaven by The Scott Family, this park has so many facilities.
  • It is a camping and caravan site which is a fabulous site with excellent facilities and only a 5 minute walk to the village harbour. It is close to and facing the sea in well kept grounds.
  • It has a Clubhouse for events.
  • See the Notice Window for local events.
  • The Putting Green goes far back in time and has 18 holes. It is maintained to a very good standard and putters are available for hire from The Club House.There are Monday Community Putting competitions in the summer, around 6 : 30 pm to 7 pm start.
  • The Outdoor Bowling Green is used regularly in the summer.
  • There is an outdoor tennis court and another small games court available and the equipment. It is for hire at a very reasonable rate.
  • The Johnshaven Football team can be seen also training / playing on Waird’s Park.
  • The children’s Play Park is very well used and enjoyed by the local children and visitors alike.

Johnshaven Primary School

The school has a close link with our community. Several events happen in the Village Hall.Such things as an International Food Fair, Holiday Clubs and The School Christmas Production to name but three.The children also learn about our village,its history and how special it is.The whole school comes to The Heritage Hub when it has different artists exhibiting and for the new annual Exhibition.The Hub has a Young at Heart Club from the various Mearns villages and the members enjoy seeing the children who sing to them from time to time.

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Lathallan School

A private school with close connections to the village. The website more than adequately covers its extensive and excellent provision.

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Fish Festival

  • The amazing annual Fish Festival in 2020 is on August 8th.
  • The Fish Festival Committee works hard to ensure this is a success and the proceeds go to help groups in the village.
  • Free Admission and lots to do. Make a raft to enter The Annual Raft Race. See videos on this website.


Contact: Charis Duthie Tel: 01561 362759

The Community Council

  • The Community Council meets every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7pm in the Small Hall. Entry is at the back of the building. Please come and take part in our discussions. All villagers of the Benholm and Johnshaven Parish are most welcome and we hope will be interested to the meeting.

The Village Shop

The Village Shop is the hub of activity and day to day communication, has notices of events, is the post office and has an extensive choice of articles for sale based on customer selections.

See the list of events and clubs below.


  • When: Monday at 6pm
  • Where: Big Hall
  • Contact:


  • When: Monday 7pm (1stOctober to 31st March)
  • Where: Small Hall
  • Contact

Indoor Bowls

  • When: Tuesday at 7.30pm (1stOctober to 31st March
  • Where: Big Hall
  • Contact:


  • When: Wednesday at 7.30pm
  • Where: Small Hall
  • Contact:


  • When: Thursday at 7pm
  • Where: Small Hall

Little Nippers

  • When: To be decided
  • Where: Big Hall?
  • Contact:


  • Fund Raisers throughout the year. Mostly in The Big Hall.

Walking Club

Various walks every Friday.
When: Friday 10am
Where: Johnshaven Harbour
More info:

Mercat Coastal Path Group

When: As arranged
Where: Castle Street

Johnshaven Footballers

When: ?
Where: ?

Book Club

When: Monday
Where: Ship Inn

Hortus Village Horticultural Show

When: Last Saturday in August
Where: Village Hall Big Room

Coastal Colourists Group

Wednesday 10am – 12noon
Where: ?

Upcoming Events

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